Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Crossing


“Tabby, what are you doing in that cushion at the top of the cupboard.”

“I was sleeping until you decided to take a few photos. I did not even have time to have a wash to freshen up first of all. Are you going to show those photos on my blogging site.”

“Yes I will be showing them as a warning to other felines not to sleep on the top of a cupboard, it is very dangerous.”

“Dangerous does not exist in meow Mrs. Human, but we get near to it with the word “fun”.”

“It is not fun, you could have an accident. You are no longer the youngest and could easily make a false step. I even went to the trouble of giving you a ladder to make it easier to reach the top of the cupboard and to cross over to your cushion, but you prefer to sit on the table, and take a risky jump. You could break a leg.”

“Mrs. Human I am still young enough to chase mice and birds, and only kittens use ladders. It is more fun to take a jump, the thrill of the risk is with it. When you arrive where you want to go, you have an overwhelming feeling of success, achievement, yes. As the famous feline hairball player, Whiskers Pele said “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” which sums it up nicely.”

“Yes and we unintelligent, stupid humans , that, of course, are not as clever as felines say “accidents happen” and if you have an accident it means a visit to the vet and a lot of money to mend whatever it is you break.”

“You have a point there Mrs. Human, apart from the description of the human I mean, that going to a vet is not ideal. They are a breed of human that do not have good intentions. Otherwise accidents do not happen to felines. Our anatomy is so planned that if we fall we fall on our paws for a safe arrivel. Look Mrs. Human, see how I can safely land from my cushion.”

“Yes Tabby, very clever, but wouln’t it be easier if you descended on the ladder.”

“Felines do not do easy, Mrs. Human, we wish to be admired for our skill and daring. We are ruthless and clever, but I might think about your suggestion. Do you really think I would have to see the vet.”

“I hope not, just be careful and use the ladder.”

“Like a kitten?”

“Yes, a kitten that would not have to visit the vet.”

“OK, I might do it the next time. What’s for dinner?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Crossing

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