Daily Feline Prompt: Specific Feline


“Mrs. Human, I specifically meowed yesterday that the snow is an enemy and should be conquered. Other humans kill it with a shovel. Our snow is still here.”

“I have no problem with the snow Tabby. It is only in the garden and I am not going into the garden now, because it is Winter.”

“But I go into the garden.”

“I thought you said you were staying indoors, because of the snow.”

“That was yesterday and I have now changed my mind, so clear me a path through the snow.”

“It is not very deep Tabby, and I am sure you could walk on the snow.”

Snow 06.01 (4)“That is not the point, the snow is waiting to attack, it will freeze my whiskers, they will break and all the other felines will laugh at me.”

“But other animals walk on the snow with no problem. I can see the prints of a bird and something else.”

“Exactly, the birds are the 5th column working for the snow, and “other things” could be anything. Perhaps it might be an unknown species that only comes to life when it snows.”

“But you are such a brave feline Tabby, I am sure you will survive the snow. Just try it.”

“OK, I will take the risk. Unto the breach dear friends.”

“I did not know you read Shakespeare.”

“Who? that is a quote from one of our greatest feline heroes  Whiskers Shaketail. The humans just made a cheap copy of it. Look Mrs. Human, I am walking on snow and surviving. I will go down in the histroy of the feline race as being one of the first felines to survive the white peril.”

“Don’t you think you are overdoing it a little Tabby?”

“I never overdo anything, but am often misunderstood – one of the things lost in translation from meow to human. Just remember me as I am, faithful, kind, and willing to sacrifice everything for the future of feline kind.”

“Finished Tabby, you will have to hurry on your walk, I now want to serve your evening meal.”

“But nothing frozen.”

“No, all fresh from the tin.”

“Am on my way, have sacrificed enough for today. Will have aother try tomorrow, but clear the snow away in the meanwhile, I am getting cold paws.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Specific Feline

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Specific Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, It’s V-E-R-Y cold here and the snow is very deep. Mindy has short legs and yesterday, before our human shoveled the walks and made a path for her, she wouldn’t go out. But today she doesn’t seem to care any more. I think if Mindy can do it, you can do it. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Of course I can do it, I am Tabby the super feline, but I am still searching for a reason to acually do it. At home it is warm, the only snow I see is on the ice box in the refridgerator and there the door is usually closed. I have a heated floor, and cushions for my bed. There is even a pile of linen that Mrs. Human intends to iron, which can make a verey comfortable bed, although she complains – something about feline hairs everywhere. I think she means my wonderful silky fur. At the moment I prefer to watch the world from inside.
      Tabby T. Cat

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