Daily Feline Prompt: Infinite Feline Possibilities


“Going Out Tabby?”

“Just don’t rush me Mrs. Human, I am thinking about it.”

“You are a grumpy feline today Tabby.”

“I am not grumpy, I am feeling fine. I cannot just go out,  as there are many aspects to take into consideration.”

“Such as?”

“Is the snow still there?”

“Yes Tabby, it is. It will only go away when the weather is warmer, then it will melt.”

“Melt? does that mean I can drink it?2

“I suppose you could, but you always have fresh water in your bowl.”

“That is not the same thing. Melted snow water might be something special, a grand cru of all water vintages. Mrs. Human, if it begins to melt then put some in my bowl, I must try it.”

“No problem Tabby, so now you are going out?”

“I think I will, life is so boring when couped up indoors. Make the way free, I will risk it, but do not leave me on my own out there. Snow can be a dangrous thing for a defenceless feline.”


“Are you going or not Tabby. It is cold with the window open.”

“I am still thinking about it. There is a monster outside, it is not safe. Look at those gigantic footprints, they have an infinite size.”

“They do not have an infinite size, they are my foot prints, because I happened to tread on the snow.”

“And you survived?”

“Of couse I survived, it is only a few centimeters deep, and no problem to walk on.”


“Look Mrs. Human, I did it. I walk on the snow. I forced it to surrender.”

“You mean it attacked you.”

“I did not give it a chance for an attack. Look at the injuries on the snow.”

“That is the imprint of your paws in the snow. Snow is not a living thing Tabby.”

“Of course not, I killed it.”

“Where are you going?”

“I am returning, after a sucessful fight, to heal my wounds.”

“You are wounded?”

“I have cold paws from the battle and want to warm them up. It is time for food in any case.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Infinite Feline Possibilities