Daily Feline Prompt: Clinging Feline


Meow everyone. Life is a little boring at the moment, the snow is still surrounding me and I have no chance of breaking out, and so a few meows on the problem of clinging.

Generally I do not cling. My paws are a perfect design. They contain claws which are very useful for scratching furniture to leave a mark, showing I was there. However I noticed that humans often misunderstand the purpose of the scratch marks. We design with our claws, but humans find we ruin the furniture. Who needs furniture. A cushion is enough for me. Even then humans can become awkward. I decided to paw some exercises on Mrs. Human’s bed linen, It is ideal. I can really dig my claws into the fabric, stretch them out to their full size and pull them back again. It is all in the name of keeping fit. Mrs. Human does not agree and finds that I am ruining her sheets. Something about pulling threads and making holes. They are so fussy those humans.

Although I have one small complaint. When I am reclining on the carpet in the bathroom and stretch my paws and claws they tend to engage with the carpet layers and then I am left clinging to the carpet. I suggested she exchanges the bathroom carpets for something more paw friendly, but she ignored me, finding that bathroom carpets were not places for felines to sleep and I am in the way because I always take up the space in front of her recycling tray.

And now I must go. In the far distance I can hear the sounds of a tin opener and the whiff of tuna fish juice is alerting my nostrils. I have a food bowl to cling to.

Daily Feline Prompt: Clinging Feline