Daily Feline Prompt: Someday Tabby


“Mrs. Human, look the snow is dying. I must have killed it.”

“You attacked the snow Tabby?”

Cat footprints in the snow“I did my best, the snow fought back trying to force my paws into retreat, but I was brave and continued to the cold and bitter end. Look, I even made holes in the snow, and the water dripped from its wounds. I am no longer afraid of the white peril, I forced it to submit to my feline powers.”

“Tabby, perhaps it was because it was raining and the snow began to melt. You cannot kill snow, because it does not live.”

“Of course it lives, it grows, so it must live. I forced it to surrender. I knew I would do it someday. I deserve the Order of the Bastet Empire for my brave deeds, at least a Purrhood.”

“Sounds very good Tabby, but what are you going to do if the snow returns.”

“Return? I have conquered the snow, and it is disappearing. It would not dare to return.”

“The weather forecast said we now have a wam spell with rain, but next week there will be freezing temperatures and it will begin to snow again.”

“No chance Mrs. Human, at least not in my territory.”

“Sorry to disappoint you Tabby, but when it snows it snows everywhere.

“You mean I will have to fight again to conquer the evil snow. Order two pairs of fur lined boots for my paws, I need a snow fighting uniform. You can fight on my side Mrs. Human, with a snow shovel to kill it when it falls.”

“No, Tabby, no way am I going out in the falling snow, it melts eventually.”

“That is not the snow fighting spirit Mrs. Human. I chose you as my slave as I was convinced you were a gladiator amongst humans, and you are frightenend of a little bit of snow.”

“And you Tabby, you are not frightened.”

“Me frightened of snow, never, well almost never. My first fight was a success. I did it all on my own because my cowardly human refused to support me in the fight. And I will continue. I will now inspect the progress of the fight and perhaps drink some dead snow to show how dauntless I am. It will be a warning to the snow to think twice before arriving again. As the famous feline mountainer Sir Paws Hilary said “It is not the snow we conquer, but ourselves.”


Daily Feline Prompt: Someday Tabby

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Someday Tabby

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m very sorry to have to side with Mrs. Human, but the snow will come back. It’s a never ending fight until sometime later on in the year when you will have your chance to vanquish the snow, but not forever. I know this because my little sister, Bear, is at one with snow and understands all of its arcane rituals and reasons. We are now having some warm days, too, and this distresses my sister and my human but for different reasons. My human does not like ice. I have to say I find ice somewhat amusing especially when my little sister runs across a patch and falls. Your friend forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Yesterday I was worn out when I decided to sleep. I almost slept longer than my usual 23 hours. Fighing against snow is very exhausting, but also rewarding. I am a little disappointed in your attachment to humans, but I suppose that is canine logic. Hang onto a human, she will feed you and keep you warm and even go on walks with you. I hand onto a human for food, although I have to point her in the right direction now and again to make sure I am getting the food I want, and not what she wants. I took over the warm places some time ago, so Mrs. Human has to make room for me if she also needs a warn place. I go for a walk when I want to, making sure that there will be no attacks from snow or leaf soldiers, I have my own private exit and entrance, although I often decide to organised a door opener to facilitate the operation, Mrs. Human who opens the big window, so that I do not have to squeeze my graceful body through a cat flap, which can be most demoralising. I like to make spectacular entrances with Mrs. Human bowing as I enter and giving me a tummy tickle. Yes the life of a feline is full of human educational operations, but we get there eventually.
      Tabby T. Cat

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