Daily Feline Prompt: Capable Feline


“No Mrs. Human, do not ask, I am not going out. It is not because of the snow which has returned, although I threatened it not to. It is because I have things to catch up on in my private life. I really do not have the time to fight against the attacking snow, I have decided to leave it to those that are more capable.”

“But the humans have now cleared the snow away on the paths.*

“I don’t care, I have resigned to the fact that the snow cannot be eliminated, but who needs snow. I will now withdraw from the stress of one of my feline lives and concentrate on my feline meditative thoughts.”

“Oh, I see, shall I spread some catnip around?”

“Are you being human funny?”

“I thought it might help to relax and assist your concentration.”

“Mrs. Human, according to the wise words of the celebrated felinetician, Benjamin Cuddles Dispawli, “I have brought myself, by long purrful meditation, to the conviction that a feline¬†with a settled purpose to ignore the snow must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its melting point”.”

“Very wise Tabby. Have you been studying Internet and its brainy feline quotes again.”

“Of course not, they belong to my natural thirst for knowlege. And talking of thirst, I am reminded of hunger.”

“You are constantly hungry Tabby, but there is a delicious bowl of vitamine pellets, flavoured with tuna fish, awaitng your feline taste buds.”

“In that case, I will sleep for a few hours. In the meanwhile the vitamin pellets might go away and be replaced by the real thing. Is it still snowing?”

“No it has stopped and is laying on the ground.”

“Wake me when it has disappeared.”

“That might take a few days.”

“Ok, then just wake me when the delicious bowl of artificial pellets has been replaced by the real thing, with fish flesh and juice – and perhaps garnished with a pinch of tarrogon to¬†encourage the appetite. Perhaps you could also supply a serviette to clearn the whiskers afterwards.”

“Of course Tabby, no problem – sleep well and long.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Capable Feline