Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Invitation


“Tabby there is a sweet little feline outside, he also has a Macdonalds “M” on his forehead and asks if you would like to go out and play with him.”

“Do what? No way, there is snow outside, and no matter how “sweet” the feline is and whether he has an “M” or a “G” for Garfield,  I have no intention of playing. Felines do not play, we fight, unless of course it is a kitten. They like to call it play, but they are only training sessions for fighiting.”

New cat

“But he is new in our area, and probably feeling lonely.”

“Mrs. Human do I look like a Dr. Paws Pestalozzi wanting to adopt stray felines. He is probably a spy, or a crook. Any feline that is out in the snow, means no good. Do you realise I was sleeping, dreaming of feline path paved with tuna fish. I was just going to pounce and you woke me to ask if I want to go out and play with a strange cat who is probably planning to take over my territory when it is bigger.”

“But I thought it would be company for you Tabby. You are often very lonely.”

“Yes exactly. There are times when I am glad I am alone and have no meowing kittens bothering me to come out to play. And now leave me to my sleep. If I am lucky I can continue my dream and discover the meaning and purposeof of tuna fish in my life. I was just approaching a fork in the path in my dream. On the right it was paved with vitamin pellets, and I had my decision to take.”

“So you will take the path of tuna fish I expect”

“I might, but the tuna fish is on a layer of snow. Sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice, even in a dream.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Invitation