Daily Feline Prompt: Overworked Feline


“Tabby, there you are. I was looking for you everywhere, but I did not think to search for you in the bathroom beneath the cupboards.+

“Mrs. Human, I am annoyed and insulted. What am I here? Just an excuse when you feel like it and yesterday I was unimportant, neglected, ignored. Where was my daily feline blog?”

“Yesterday was not such a good day Tabby, I was not feeling up to it, and so I did not blog for myself or for you.”

“As far as “myself” is concerned, that is no important matter, but me, I was forgotton, pushed to one side, my opinion not needed.”

“But today we have returned to the old routine, although I still do not feel so good, but better, thankyou for asking.”

“Did I ask?”

“No, but I am sure you were going to.”

“Ah yes, humans do that sort of thing.”

“Are you going to stay in the bathroom all day Tabby.”

“I am still thinking about it. I am tired, and need to get away from things. As one of our great feline philosophers said “Felines do not die from overwork. They tend to lose half a life due to human situations”. There I was ready at the computer for you to switch it on and begin to write, due to the fact that the paw friendly keyboard has not yet been developed. And where were you – laying in bed moaning and groaning. I even paid you a visit and pawed on your limp body, but you just turned and slept. You even sneezed in between, spraying me with all sorts of human germs. I might even become ill, I already have a strange tickling sensation in my throat.

What are you doing with that telephone camera thing, I hope you are not taking a photo of me. I am not at my best.”

“No tabby, I am calling the vet. If you you have a sore throat I am sure he will have some medicines or a jab to help.”

“Forget it, I feel better already. I just have a general feeling of tiredness. Your coughs and sneezes kept me away most of the day and night. How can a feline relax in a normal 16 hour sleep sequence when the human does not co-operate.”

“I am ready for your blog today Tabby.”

“Forget it, I am too tired and completely overworked.”

“Your have been working?”

“Constantly Mrs. Human. It is a problem with having nine lives. I have to be sure how many I have left, and that can only be done with a problem solution in quantum mathematics.”

“That must be very complicated Tabby.”

“No problem, for a feline, we grow up with it, just a matter of finding the correct solution according to Schrödinger particularly about his thought experiment involving a cat in order to explain the flawed interpretation of quantum superposition.”

“Oh, I see.”

“No, Mrs. Human, you do not see, just remember that I want my blog. You might feel like it, but I always do.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Overworked Feline