Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Oversight


“Mrs. Human, you can change that heading on my blog. Felines do not make oversights, it does not exist in meow. We do everything with a purpose.”

“So you intentionally slept on the top of the cupboard. I thought you now preferred to sleep on the settee.”

“It is a matter of how the mood takes me. I decided it was time to see the world from above and how it was developing. You get a completely different perspective if you look down on things, although it is also a matter of interpretation. Even humans tend to see things as they want to see them. I read of an important human that estamated from looking down, that he was the most popular human in his job, because everyone wanted to see him.”

“And what did you deduce from that Tabby?”

“He was wrong, there were spaces in between where the grass was being covered up to protect it, but there was no-one to protect it from and so he had made an oversight. He was not as popular as he believed he was although he still thinks he is. So are the humans, they see things they want to see.

I do not have this problem Mrs. Human, from my perch up here I see my queendom that stretches as far as I can see. My food bowl in the kitchen, my chairs in the living room, and my beds in the bedrooms. I can even see my territory outside, which is still covered by the dreaded snow.”

“It is not all yours Tabby.”

“Of course it is, I just let my staff use it to keep them near so that my wishes can be fulfilled.”

“Oh, sorry, my oversight.”

“And now I will descend.”

“Be careful Tabby, take the stairs. No, do not jump.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I am feline and feline is all powerful, as I said we make no oversights. That is probably one of the basic differences between humans and felines.”

“Yes, Tabby I am sure you are right.”

“So where is the tuna fish, I am ready to eat.”

“At once Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Oversight

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Oversight

  1. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston love Tabby´s philosophy on life. Mr Midnight says that is natural to sit in high places and humans should try it more often. Sir Winston adds that “being free” is all part and parcel of living a normal, healthy, satisfied life.
    Best regards from my two furry friends and myself over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog.
    Meow, purr purr and once again, all the best and thank you for posting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tabby says that the feline race was built for high places as being worshipped as gods it came with the deal. Tabby says a lot and I am not sure if it is fact or fiction. Next week she will pay her annual visit to the vet. Tabby stop hissing, it is for your own good. I know you do not like jabs, but it will pass. Yes OK, you can have a dish of tuna fish afterwards as compensation.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mr Midnight replies that he feels that it´s a shame many people seem to have forgotton that cats are suppossed to be worshipped.
        Sir Winston points out that he heard on the German television yesterday that some “people in high places” are even thinking about cat owners now having to pay cat tax just as dog owners do. He says that that´s how bad it´s got.
        I suspect a few dog owners in high-places are a little jealous that as yet, cat owners avoid having to pay tax.
        Thank you for writing and all the best. 🙂


  2. Dear Tabby, My little sister finds the highest place in the house so she can watch over everything and look out the front window. If she sees something, she barks once and then I judge if it’s worth my running to the front door and scaring away whatever it is. It’s good that we are able to monitor the perimeter together because it’s an enormous responsibility, as you know. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog


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