Daily Feline Prompt: Devastated Feline


“Tabby keep still, I want to take a photo.”

“What again, you are always taking photos of me.”

“That is because everyone likes to see you. You could perhaps wave a paw and smile when I take your photo.”

“And do an irish jig as well? I am a feline, worshipped as a god in the old country and my status is to be respected. So how do I look?”

“I thought you did not like having your photo taken.”

“Did I say that? I was just stating the fact that there are times when I would rather do something else than pose for a photo, although I must say you have captured one of my serious states of whisker mind. It shows the determined me, with a motivation reflecting in my eyes. I know what I want and I will get it no matter what.”

“And what do you want Tabby – a nice dish of vitamin pellets.*

“Mrs. Human you are so good at devastating my hopes for a decent meal. We still have at least four tins of tuna fish in the cupboard.”

“Yes, but there is still half a 10 Kilo bag of pellets.”

“Those pellets seem to survive everything.”

“They do Tabby, they have a eat before date until the end of the year.”

“Oh great, I am now eating fossilised pellets. We now have January and I will still be eating from the same bag at Catmas.”

“They are very economic to buy Tabby.”

“How nice, now you are saving money on me as well. My ancestors are turning in their pyraminds, they were treated as something special, they had their own mice territories, nothing preserved or from tins.”

“Oh, then I should not open a tin of tuna fish for your dinner.”

“As one of our great feline fighters said “Every time we consume vitamin pellets, we contribute to feline devastation and the wasteful misuse of resources on a global scale”, so open the tin now, my existence depends on it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Devastated Feline

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Devastated Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, Mindy T. Dog here. Dusty T. and Polar Bear Yeti T. Dogs have been busy hunting a mouse that got into the house last night. Obviously, I’m not hunting anything. I don’t know if they caught her or not but I’m sure you’d enjoy a fresh mouse with your vitamin pellets. Our human has set traps, too. One of them had evidence of mouse but no mouse. As for me, I love vitamin pellets and any other kind of food. The more the better, but not fresh mouse. Too much work. Here we are devastated by the Vast Monster of Snow and I’ve decided to hibernate until spring. Your friend, Mindy T. Dog

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    • Meow Mindy
      Nice to hear from you. Yes hunting mice is one of the most important tasks in the life of a feline. Without it we are nothing. Dogs have so many other things to distract them, like playing with bones, chasing squirrels and genenerally being obedient (a word that does not exist in meow). I began to make a parcel of unwanted vitamin pellets to send to you, but Mrs. Human objected. She found the postage would be too expensive for dead material (you see I get fed with dead matreial) and your human could probably buy them cheaper in your country. Oh well, the thought counts I suppose. I agree with your views on snow, it is more than a monster, it is trying to take over, but I am fighting it from my sleeping cushion with all my whiskers. It will recede eventually when the rains come, but Mrs. Human says it is too cold for rain at the moment and it would be too dangerous beause it would mean ice – another attack to be calculated.
      Give my best purrs to your pack – nice to meow with you – Tabby T. Cat

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