Daily Prompt: Feline Filters


“Mrs. Human, I have been reading in a human scientific magazine and discovered sonething very interesting to improve my quality of ┬ámy drinking life.”

“Tabby, there is not very much to improve. You have everything you need.”

“A feline never has everything, there is always room for improvement. Do you filter my water before you fill my water bowl.”

“It is already filtered Tabby. The drinking water we have is clean and has no impurities.”

“Are you sure? I read you can buy filters to make water even better.”

“That is not necessary Tabby, your water is good enough.”

“Good enough for who? A feline. Mrs. Human we felines deserve more consideration. Water is the feline wine and vintage is everything.”

“I always give you clean water from the tap.”

“But it has no kick, no flavour.”

“If you mean┬áthat the water you drink from the puddles outside is better, it is not. It it full of impurities.”

“You could perhaps fill my bowl with bottled water. I read that bottled water is full of healthy minerals and I am sure it would be more tasty.”

“So is the water from the tap Tabby.”

“But it is not the same. I am sure water in a bottle is better.”

“No, Tabby, I am not buying bottled water when the water we have at home is just as good.”

“I only want to improved the quality of my feline life.”

“Your feline life does not need improving.”

“Mrs. Human I will have to think about that one, there is always room for improvement.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Filters