Daily Feline Prompt: Automatic Feline


Being a feline, I have a tail
It follows me over hill and dale
Sometimes it curls, sometimes it is straight
It is always there, my faithful mate
I cannot control it, it does what it will
Although it depends on the way that I feel
If I am happy it is upright and tall
If I am miserable it is hard to install
The secret of the mood swings is a delicate trick
It lays in the secrets of quantum mathematic

Daily Feline Prompt: Automatic Feline

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Automatic Feline

  1. I too have a tail
    and it’s very expressive
    When it’s time for a walk
    It’s motion’s impressive
    It flies back and forth
    With a jubilant wag
    Against the wall
    And my human’s leg.
    But now it is curled
    In front of my face
    It’s far too cold
    For a walk or a race.
    I wish it were summer
    We could go to the slough
    Without any problem
    But a horsefly or two.

    Yours always, Dusty T. Dog

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  2. I love this poem. I can usually tell my cat’s mood by her tail, especially if it’s thumping hard. I also notice that if I pet her just her head, then only the tip of her tail moves. If I am petting her whole back the whole tail wags up and down, which eventually leads to her trying to bite me. Therefore, if she is on my lap or near me, I tend to just pet her head. Otherwise, it is too much stimulation and I would experience the death grip with her teeth.

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    • This was a fun comment. My Teemu is a tail thumper…..and how! The vet laughs at the death swish that is Teemu’s tail. I am going to have to pay attention to Parker’s tail when I pet her. I cannot wait to sit down to read tonight and have Parker jump into my lap! I will pay more attention to her tail than to my book. 😀

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      • I had three cats, now onlyTabby, but they all used their tails in different ways. Nera was a side to side tail use, Fluffy would curl it around himself when sleep. He had a rasta hair do, because he was a Selkirk Rex, but a bushy tail like a squirrel, and Tabby has a straight tail which she usually carries in the vertical position.


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