Daily Feline Prompt: Feline in the daffodils

Nera with daffodils in garden

“Look Mrs. Human, that’s my litter sister Nera surrounded by flowers.”

“Yes, Tabby, she liked to sit amongst the daffodils in Spring when they flowered.”

“I remember Mrs. Human. She found that their colours matched her luxurious silky fur.”

“Someone talking about me?”

“Nera, on a visit. Mrs. Human has fainted again.”

“She always faints when I reappear, must have a nevous constitution.”

“Perhaps we should have more understanding Nera, she is a mere human and they only have one life. They are not used to having 10 lives. Anyhow how are things up in the Kingdom of Bastet. Are they feeding you well?”

“No problem Tabby, I help myself. It is not called the etnernal corn chambers for no reason. The mice reappear every day. Some even have golden whiskers, the same colour as the flowers on my photo. How I am looking, just as pretty as ever?”

“Sort of, although your outlines are getting a little be thin at the edges. I must say that yellow ring over your head looks good.”

“That is my halo, all the best felines get one. Bastet said I am one of the best and might get promoted to feline first class. I now have a complete regiment of mice under my command. How are you keeping Tabby.”

“Bearing up Nera, but she is still trying to feed me those hard vitamin pellets.”

“Yes, I remember Tabby, that is why I brought you some provisions, look.”

“Oh great, two mice with golden whiskers.”

“But eat them before you know who sees them. She has a thing for mice with wings.”

“Yes I know. They are very tasty Nera.”

“That is because they are prepared with feline abrosia.”

“What’s that?”

“You only get it where I am now living, don’t ask, just be glad for the supply. And now I must go, Mrs. Human is waking up.”

“Did I see Nera Tabby?”

“No Mrs. Human, it must have been an illusion, she is now in the eternal corn chambers.”

“What is that spicy smell, have you been eating a mouse, I can see the tail.”

“Where, I don’t see a tail anywhere.”

“Oh it has disappeared, that’s funny.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Human, there are things between …. you know.”

“Not really, but I am sure I saw Nera.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline in the daffodils