Daily Feline Prompt: Human or Feline Replacement?


“Tabby, where are you?”

“I am viewing the extent of my territory outside.”

“Ah, yes I can see you, sitting in front of the window again.”

“Actually I think it would be time for a makeover. Spring is arriving and my paths should be improved upon.”

“You will have to be patient Tabby, I will organise the gardener and he will come in a month to organise things.”

“In a month, by then the mice will be out in the fields. I want to take my chances whilst they are still building their tunnels. Every human should know that.”

“Tabby I am no longer as young as I was, and cannot manage the gardening work on my own.”

“Mrs. Human I think I will have to find a new human who is fit enough to care for me and my territory. You used to read the wishes from my whiskers, now I have to remind you of your duty.”

“You think so Tabby?”

“Definitely. I saw a shout out for someone wanting a kitten in your Facebook last week. I could make a call for a human slave to take care of my needs in Pawbook.


Human needed for 100% care of feline, no free time allowed and permanent residence permit.
Regular filling of food bowl when empty with tuna fish – no vitamin pellets allowed
Care of recycling tray
Regular care of hairball collection
Regular cleaning of various sleeping cushions
Permanent observation of window for opening when necessary to allow entrance of feline.”

“You mean my services are no longer needed Tabby.”

“Decisions must be taken Mrs. Human, even presidents have to be firm. We cannot have humans sleeping on the job and moving around all the time. I have to have a control of all movements at all times.”

“Oh, in that case you could perhaps move to where Roshti lives. He heard that you are unsatisfied with your feline kingdom and said he would not mind taking your place. He loves the healthy vitamin pellets, and likes to stay in places where he is needed. He will even take care of his own hairball collection and is quite happy to take over your territory as it is, with no alterations. Yes, I think I could easily adapt to Roschti, we would get on like a human-feline house on fire. He even has a wonderful red coat.”

“Do what Mrs. Human? Does not come into the question. I am not letting that red coated horror feline put a paw over my cat flap. Forget it. I am not letting anyone into my territory, it is mine and is to be preserved as it should ┬ábe.”

“I thought you were moving out Tabby, and searching for a new human.”

“I changed my mind Mrs. Human – for the time being.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Human or Feline Replacement

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Human or Feline Replacement?

  1. Dear Tabby, I wouldn’t trade my human for anyone else. She’s the best, the kindest, the most tolerant and best human ever. And I would never trade my sisters for other sisters. They’re the best, the kindest, the most loving and best sisters ever. I’ve had other sisters and when their time came to go to the forest in the sky, they went, but before they went they said, “Always be grateful for your human. Good ones don’t come around every day. We love you, Dusty.” I have heeded their advice and I pass it along to you, Tabby. I think your human is one of the good ones. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      To be quite honest I think Mrs. Human has her qualities and I will keep her on the staff. My sister has long gone to her 10th life and so I am continuing the good work training Mrs. Human. I must look up that word “grateful” It does not seem to exist in meow, but I do give Mrs. Human a lick and paw swipe now and again to show my attention. I don’t even think my mum loved my dad, they just did not have the time to really get to know each other. Mum said it was a five minute meeting and it seemed to have served its purpose. Do me a favour and don’t tell Mrs. Human about all that love stuff and not wanting to trade the human. Of course I am on your wave length, but Mrs. Human does not have to know everything, she might think I am getting soft.
      Tabby T,. Cat

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