Daily Feline Prompt: Strange feline perfumes


Something is wrong here. “Hey Mrs. Human, Mr. Human, I am supposed to take a walk outside, the great outdoors.” I was just take a view throught the window, wondering which path to take. I did not have a big choice, I noticed all the doors in my place were closed – strange, they are usually open and then I saw it and smelt it, the dreaded cage. This can only mean one thing, it is that time again.

“No Mrs. Human put me down”. If I spread my paws and grip at the sides, that will stop them. No it doesn’t, I am trapped. “Mrs. Human what are you doing with the top of the cage – No, let me out, I want to go home.”

and that was it. Trapped and locked in a metal cage. “Mr. Human, where are you taking me?” No answer, this can only mean one thing. And now into the thing they call car. A loud noise, and I can see light ahead. Look, trees, we are passing trees, and I can see water falling from the sky, but I am not getting wet. I quite like these journeys in the car, lots of interesting places to see, but just a minute, Mr. Human is now stopping and opening the door. I am floating through the air, at least the cage is. I have a suspicion. “Mr. Human this is a mistake.”

Same place same time again, on the table at the vet. She is prodding and looking into my eyes and now holding me. “Ow” that one hurt, but she is now stroking me and telling me it is all over. No, what an insult, she is looking at my wonderful teeth. Where are we going, on the scales. She said 4 Kg 700 grammes, the same weight as last time. Of course I am careful with putting on weight, I have the pefect feline figure.

And now I am sailing again in the cage, back to the car. Mr. Swiss is moving the car. Trees again are passing by, houses, and I can see birds. I can now smell that home is near. Leaving the car, back to my normal surroundings. The lid is open, I am free. Now what was I doing before we left? Ah yes, I was thinking about taking a walk outside.

What were the vet’s last words “Same time same place next year”. Oh well, what’s a year?

Daily Feline Prompt: Strange feline perfumes