Daily Feline Prompt: Clean Feline


Shall I, or shall I not? The snow has gone and the chances are that I can make an inspection in my territory without getting my paws dirty. I hate it when I leave muddy pawprints behind me. I prefer to remain incognito, you never who might be watching and following when you are exposed to the rough outside.

I remember my kitten days, when mum would be continuously giving me a lick everywhere. She always meowed that being clean was the most impotant thing in the life of a feline. If you had eaten a good meal of meat or fish, thengive your mouth a paw-wipe afterwards. Other animals would smell what you have eaten, and might want a taste themselves, and you might be their next meal. It was the bit about cleaning behind the ears that I never really got the hang of. I had to practice for hours until mum was satisfied and said she could now let me loose. Clean ears are important. First of all lick your paws. One of the reasons to keep the paws clean. Who wants to lick a paw when you have been walking through mud, or dirt. The dirt crumbs get between your teeth.

You might think that snow is a good thing, nice and clean and basically just frozen water – you are wrong. How would you like to lick a cold paw to wipe behind your ear with. These days it all comes automatically. Mum always said it would, something to do with instinct. Yes all parts of a feline body must be kept clean at all times, altough there I some parts that I really do not want to explain in detail.

Anyhow the job is now done, so I will prepare for a sleep. And when the sleep is finished I will have to have another refreshing wash to make sure I am still clean. Cleanliness is next to felinism my mum always said.

Tabby having a wash

Daily Feline Prompt: Clean Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Clean Feline

  1. So, are you officially in mud season or will the snow come back? For us, we are in the most dangerous snow month, but if we get to March with the ground still showing, we are probably home free! Mud season is my least favorite time of year. With two dogs and 8 muddy paws, it’s SO messy. But they do most wash their front paws, much as does Tabby and Gibbs likes to dig them in the water bowl. A sort of half bath, as it were 🙂

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    • It is only mud if I take a walk in the real garden, and Tabby still stays at the edge or walks on the garden with the decoarative stones. Cats are not very messy, Tabby seems to be continuously licking her paws and doing a manicure with her teeth beetween the claws. Tabby likes to dip her paw in the water bowl and lick the water off the paw. She has not yet lernt to drink from a glass and find that lapping is not as so good for savouring the real flavolurs.

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  2. Dear Tabby, There is still snow everywhere on the ground, but it’s getting a little warmer. If we go for a walk, my little sister will get snowballs in her paws but she doesn’t care. I never get snow stuck in between my toes. I don’t know why, but it might be because my fur is very straight and coarse. I learned to clean myself from my adopted moms, Jasmine, Lily and Cheyenne. Everyone knows that they are rather cat-like dogs, including cleaning themselves. They said, “If you’re going to be our puppy, you have to learn this,” so I did. My little sister also keeps herself very clean. But Mindy? Well, she’s like a dirty rug. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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  3. Finally a cat blog!!! My cat looks so much like you. If you go to my blog she is featured on my About Me page in her bed. I will be back. Love the point of view from the cat. -Bruce


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