Daily Feline Prompt: Recognising Felines


Recognise another feline? I would not even recognise my mum if I saw her. She found her job was done when the milk tap stopped functioning. She gave me a few words of wisdom on the way like “do not forget you are a god so act like one” and “never believe what a human says, they forgot how to hunt long ago when they asked for our help in the corn chambers” and “Choose your human carefully, if they have a fishy smell about them, then that will be the right choice” and then she gave me and my litter sister Nera a push and we adopted Mrs. Human. Not that she really smells of fish, but I think it was a Friday and she always seems to cook fish on a Freiday, a human custom.

We felines tend to recognise each other by smell. First of all have a good sniff, beginning around the nose of the other. Nose sniffing is very important as you recognise what the feline in question had also been sniffing. And always have an exploratory sniff if you are visiting unknown places. Vets have a particular smell, sort of chemical and clean – makes you feel all queezy around the whiskers.

Mr. and Mrs. Human now smell good, because I pay attention of spreading my scent all over their bed linen, chairs, and clothes. They do not realise it of course because humans definitely have no good sense of smell and they get annoyed if they find me rolling on their accessories. Only this morning Mrs. Human was annoyed as I had produced such a perfect hairball, a complete row, in various colours and sizes. She did not recognise my artistic streak and cleared them away. I must endeavour to educate her in that direction.

And now I recognise the sound of the tin operner, so I am off. Looks like another rewarding meal in the food bowl. Do I recognise the scent of fish in the air?

Daily Feline Prompt: Recognizing Felines