Daily Feline Prompt: Loving Felines


“I’m off Mrs. Human.”

“Where are you going?”

“I am not sure until I get there, but I will return.”

“Ok, but be careful.”

“Of course I am careful, especially when I have a bowl of loving tuna fish waiting for my return.”

“And what about me? I am also loving and wait for your return.”

“Of course you do Mrs. Human, you have been trained to care for my wishes. Just do not forget the tuna fish.”

“Is that all I mean to you, food?”

“No, not really, just tuna fish. Food covers too many meanings which are not mine. Food for you is also healthy vitamin pellets. I prefer something that moves, or once moved, to know it is worth eating. Vitamin pellets never breathed, or moved.”

“But all the loving care I give you.”

“That is self explanatory, and now again I also give you a lick and a scratch to leave my marks of possession.”

“I though that was out of love.”

“Think what you want Mrs. Human, if it makes you happy. Just make sure that my bowl is full when I return. I might even allow you to give me a tummy tickle, if you do everything right. If I was a dog I would pee on you to show my admiration.”

“No Tabby, you do not have to go that far, just a loving hiss does the job. And be back before it gets dark outside.”

“Humans are funny creatures – what’s dark?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Loving Felines