Daily Feline Prompt: Trembling Tabby?


“Mrs. Human, I do not tremble. I am the perfect example of stabilitiy.”

“But when you jump from the top of the cupboard I am sure you tremble just a little.”

“No Mrs. Human, you tremble when you watch me. You have absolutely no trust in my capabilities. I am feline, and felines do not tremble. It is in the whiskers, all a matter of perfect balance.”

“But you might fall.”

“Have you ever watched my perfect formation when I leave the cupboard. I always land on my four paws. Please do not compare me with the human inability to land on the feet. If a human falls, it is a co-operation with gravity and results in human vet visits. We felines know how to fall, we fly through the air, make various adaptations to balance or twists and turns. Remember humans  cannot  explain the origins of gravity or explain where thermodynamics originate. Gravity does not explain where the laws of physics come from or where matter came from, but ask a feline. We know how to overcome the gravitational pull of the earth, yes we can do it. Another proof of feline superiority.”

“All I said Tabby was to be careful when you jump.”

“Mrs. Human, be careful where you walk, you might trip over that step. Too late, she fell. Now if she had twisted her body whilst flying in the air, she would have landed safely.”

“Stop laughing Tabby that was not funny. I hurt my ankle.”

“One of the problems in obeying the laws of gravity Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Trembling Tabby?

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Trembling Tabby?

    • She would not write that one. She enjoys our little accidents. That is the only time when I have seen a lookalike laugh on her face, but felines cannot laugh or smile – does not exist in meow.


  1. Dear Tabby, Today my human did a horrible thing. She drove off with my little sister. We’re at our friends’ house and when I thought she drove away, I was afraid she’d left me behind, so I jumped the fence and got out of the yard. I went down the street looking for her, but my cousin — our friends’ dog, Koda — told on me before I was able to find my human. Fortunately, my human came back so all is well, but I was really trembling when I thought she was gone for good. Be good to your human so she doesn’t leave you! Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Congratulations for your progress as a freedom fighter. Humans do not think very deeply, their brains are not so well developped as that of a feline, or a canine. I am sure if they thought that we were gone for good because we left, they would alarm the police and the fire fighters and post pictures of us on trees and houses – Dog/Cat missing – If found please bring her back, there is no longer a meaning to our human lives and we are bored when we cannot serve their food, clean their recycling trays/clear up the yard and remove the hairballs – humans never know what they want.
      Tabby T. Cat

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