Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Hearing


“Tabby, when shall I serve dinner this evening?”

“Shhh, Mrs. Human, you are disturbing my concentration.”

“Oh, I thought you might be hungry.”

“I am always hungry, but not yet ready to eat. I have other important things to do and at my age I have to keep an eye on my figure. I do not mind being fluffy, but do not have to convince everyone that it  really is only fluff and not more. I have to keep fit with various exercises.”

“So what is so important?”

“Listen, outside, there is movement.”

“I cannot hear anything Tabby.”

“Of course not, your ears are not equipped with the special feline radar system, they are elementary ears, tuned to loud noises.”

“I can hear quite well Tabby.”

“On human terms yes. Every day I am subjected to exposive sounds. Humans have a low decibel level and felines are shout sensitive. I do not need all the sound embellishments here. I would actually impose a silence time. Vacuum cleaners should only be used when I am in my outside territory. There is nothing worse than having an attack of feline tinnitus after you are finished with the vacuum cleaner. It disturbs the reception of my fine hearing system.”

“So what is happening outside.”

“There is movement. The mice are awakening and beginning to build tunnels. I must go, they might need help.”

“You want to help the mice build a tunnel?”

“Not exactly, but they could easily get lost in the new tunnel system and I will give them some friendly assistance with my paw to put them on the right track. I might even not be hungry when I return. Just put my bowl on one side – it looks like there will be some supplementary meat this evening.”

“Tabby, leave those sweet little mice alone.”

“What are you eating this evening Mrs. Human?”

“I am roasting a chicken.”

“Oh, how could you! Leave those sweet little chickens alone.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Hearing