Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Criticism


I am the cat’s own whiskers
I do not criticise
I am the chief, the boss
The personification of wise

Vitamin pellets are rubbish
They are bad for you
I told this to Mrs. Human
That they tasted just like glue

She has her own ideas
That they are my utmost wish
But I put my paw down
And insist on tuna fish

I told her there is no discussion
I will complain on Facebook right now
She decided to serve fish
But she served it with a scow

Humans are very complicated
I do not want to complain
But I prefer a quiet life
Without unnecessary pain

Mrs. Human tries her best
She obeys my every meow
My recycling tray is emptied
I do not have to show her how

If it was not for the vitamin pellets
Everything would be good
She insists they are the best
Although they taste like wood

And now it is time to go
Mrs. Human has made my bed
She has perfumed my cushion with catmint
where I rest my weary head

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Criticism