Daily Feline Prompt: A lush cat



“Mrs. Human, do you think my whiskers are looking good.”

“Of course they are Tabby, as always.”

“But I am sure they could by made better. Perhaps I should have more.”

“No Tabby, I think you have enough whiskers.”

“You can never have enough whiskers, but as a mere human you do not realise the importance of the whiskers.”

“Well they look quite good.”

“But look carefully, I have two whiskers missing on the right side, which gives me an assymetrical impression.”

“You look as you usually look Tabby.”

“That is because you take everything for granted. I think rainbow whiskers would improve my looks.”

“No Tabby, I am not painting your whiskers.”

“But you paint your finger nails, you could paint my whiskers, I would be the talk of the feline territory.”

“No Tabby, that would be overdoing it.”

“Ok, then just paint my claws, but not in that silly red you have. I saw you can get gold colours for painting nails.”

“Tabby, no, I do not want my feline to have golden claws.”

“First of all I am not your feline, you are my human, and secondly I would definitely be something special with gold claws. Perhaps you could paint the whiskers gold as well.”

“No way Tabby, as soon as you sharpen your claws the paint would vanish. Just remain as you are, my Tabby with the Macdonalds “M” on the forehead.”

“That’s it Mrs. Human, when you could paint my “M” with golden colour, that would really make me stand out in the crowd. Mrs. Human where are you.”

“Making dinner for you Tabby, or shall I paint your claws?”

“No, dinner is fine, we will postpone my lush look for tomorrow. Yes, a golden “M”, that would really be something completely different.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A lush cat