The Missing Human

Shadows and Reflections 28.01 (3)
“Mrs. Human, where have you been?”

“I went out this afternoon for a walk with Mr. Swiss.”

“What about me?”

“Tabby, I really do not think you would like to go for a walk with me.”

“Of course not, that is not the point. You left me alone all afternoon. There was no-one here to read the wishes from my whiskers – anything could have happened.”

“But Tabby you never ask my permission to go for a walk, you just go: sometimes even in the middle of the night.”

“That is something completely different. What if I had a wish for something indispensable to my life. My water bowl could have been empty not to mention my food bowl, and I even used my recycling tray twice when you were not here.”

“Really Tabby, that is not a matter of life and death.”

“Of course not your life or death, but what about me.”

“But Tabby you survived, so do not panic.”

“I am not panicking I am just making a point. Where did you go?”

“Mr. Human and I took a walk to the stables. It was nice weather. We saw the horses, the chickens, geese and they even have new ducks.”

“You could have at least brought me a duck or chicken as a souvenir.”

“The animals at the stable are looked after not as a supplement to your food plan. The chickens lay eggs.”

“And what do the ducks do?”

“They swim in their own pond.”

“What a waste that is. I do not eat eggs or swim. What is the point of just looking at them, they would be a good support to my diet.”

“Tabby not everything with feathers are food for felines. You have your own food supply and both your food bowl and water bowl were full when I left, and still are – so what is the problem?”

“You did not tell me your were going.”

“And you did not tell me that your would be so unhappy on your own. I thought your were independent.”

“I am, of course, I iwas just saying.”

“Want some tuna fish for your evening meal.”

“Silly question, of course, but stay here while I am eating, it could be that I could choke on a fish bone.”

“Tabby, enough.”


“Enough, there are no fish bones in tinned tuna fish.”

“But there are always exceptions.”

“So you want the tuna fish or not.”

“Of course, silly question.”