Daily Feline Post: Serious Feline


“Mrs. Human we should have a serious conversation.”

“Tabby I am always serious with you, I have discovered that you do not have a sense of humour.”

“Is that something I should have?”

“Well it is a good thing to laugh now and again.”

“I do not have anything to laugh at, and I am not programmed to laugh. You served me the vitamine pellets again this morning. That is not funny.”

“I served them because they are healthy.”

“You mean that was not a human joke.”

“Of course not, jokes are silly things to make others laugh.”

“But serving vitamin pellets is a silly thing and I did not find it worth laughing about, even if I could. So tell me a joke, perhaps I could laugh.”

“Ok, what about this one – “They make cat food out of cow, fish, turkey, chicken & lamb meat—but not mouse meat, which is probably all cats want.”

“Am I supposed to laugh?”

“I thought it was funny for a feline sense of humour.”

“Mrs. Human if I  could cry I would. We have no food made of mouse meat and that is funny? I find that sad, we felies are being deprived of the one thing that would make us happy and it is really all felines want. They do not even make vitamin pellets using mouse meat. You see how we are discriminated, and our tastes ignored.”

“But it was just a joke Tabby, stop hissing.”

“It is not a joke Mrs. Human, it is a serious state of affairs. I am forced to eat meat from animals killed by humans and I would so much prefer to eat meat for felines, killed by felines.”

“Life does not work that way Tabby. It would not be considered a healthy food made of mice.”

“Who does the consideration.”

“Humans of course, they process the food.”

“Exactly, now we are down to the serious side of it all. In the olden days when we were rightfully worshipped as gods in the old country, we did it all ourself. We should have kept things in our own paws. Now we have to rely on the human touch for everything.”

“Would you prefer to do it all yourself Tabby.”

“Definitely not, that would be degrading to my position in life. Humans obey and felines organise and it would be an interruption to my daily timetable.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Serious Feline