Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sounds


As you can see this was the portrait that made me famous through the feline world. My uncle the great Edvard Paws Meow Munch painted the portrait of me, known as “The Hiss”. It hangs in the Feline Portrait Gallery in the old country, next to the statues of my ancestors that were worshipped as gods, as we all know. If I had lived a million years ago, I would also have been worshipped, although my god status remains and waits for the day when paws will get opposable claws to use the tin opener. Until that day I can wait.

So yes, back to my famous portrait. It has been the subject of many examinations as to why I was hissing. Was there danger of an attack from an unknown feline, was my food bowl yet again filled with hard, unappetising vitamin pellets, or did Roschti, the feline from next door, invade my territory. It was none of these reasons. I hissed because I wanted to hiss. There does not have to be a feline reason for hissing. If I feel the urge, want to attract attention, find that Mrs. Human is becoming lazy, I hiss.

Many discussions have arisen when studying the details of my hissy face. Even my MacDonalds “M” design was distorted by this hiss. It was a hiss from deep down in the whiskers, not just a hiss, but a resounding hiss, one never to be forgotten and for this reason Uncle Edvard captured it on canvas – a very realistic effort. He is now repainting the background on the painting. He found that a framework of catnip, should be added and perhaps a river where tuna fish can be seen swimming.

Now one of the mysteries of this well-known work of art has been aired.

Daily Feine Prompt: Feline Sounds

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sounds

    • I purr now and again according to how my mood is. This was to be a milestone in feline art and so it was a question of the right attitude. I was determined to make feline great again, and I succeeded.


  1. Dear Tabby, We’ve had a really awful day here in Marthaland, and if I could hiss, I would. You see, a mouse took up residence with us about three weeks ago and nothing my human could do caught the mouse. Bear and I tried to help, but apparently we weren’t any help at all. My human kept saying, “I’m trading you in on a cat or a Siberian husky! You guys are useless!” But this afternoon Bear and I chased it into our human’s studio where there were some traps in stragedyc locations and the mouse was caught. I alerted my human and now the story is over. She even called us “good dogs” and gave us cookies. But, Tabby, I really wish you’d been here because you’d have hissed and made short-shrift of that vermin, I’m sure. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Sounds exciting, wish I could have been there. It is now approaching the mouse harvesting time here as well, although they usually reamain outside in the garden cupboard – cannot understand that, it would be so warm and comfortable inside. Perhaps the mistake you made was to chase. This makes the mice nevous and they crawl into small spaces. Mr. Human always says wait and see (although I think he means the giant mouse somewhere over the pond), but I am very good at waiting. If I am quick enough I pounce and have a stunned mouse. I play with him a bit. to make the whole adventure worth while and then move in. Mrs. Human does not have traps. She says I might be stupid enough to put my paw into one. Felines are not stupid, we just like to try things out to see how they work – scientific study. Anyhow congratulations
      Tabby T. Cat

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      • Hi Tabby, Martha here. You are right. Dusty and Bear DO chase the mice. Once I found its nesting spot, its hiding place, I put a trap there and the dogs succeeded in chasing the poor thing into the trap. Then Dusty told me the mouse was caught. These are two big, clumsy, lumbering creatures and I was about to trade them for a cat. I wish you’d been here. Your pal, Martha

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