Daily Feline Prompt: Juicy Felines

Tabby eating tuna fish

“Mrs. Human it is time to paw my daily prompt. Where are you? Hello.”

No answer – looks like I have again been left on my own to write on the qualities of a juicy experience. I really only drink water, and that is not juicy, just very wet, but does well. Of course, there is the juice surrounding the tuna fish which I am now and again served, if Mrs. Human obliges. There you see how it is. We felines must wait until a human decides to serve the right thing.

Of course there is a system in the eating of tuna fish. The bowl arrives, and if Mrs. Human follows my instructions, which now and again happen, the tuna fish pieces swim in a sea of juice, fish juice, wonderful juice, the essence of feline dreams. As far as I am concerned, she can forget the fish and just serve the juice, but being human she cannot concentrate on such feline wishes. She concentrates on everything being good for you. If she served the hard unappetising vitamin pellets swimming in tuna fish juice, I might even be tempted to like them, but humans have no imagination – we felines eat with the eyes, whiskers and everything else. It is a joint effort of the feline physical construction.

And now down to work. First of all I slurp the juice, the pure juice, the wonderful juice, the essence of the feline eating world. When the juice is gone – what is left. Just the dry pieces of tuna fish. I then take a break to help with the digestion of the wonderful world of tuna fish juice, it is an unforgettable part of the food life of a feline. I return to the bowl after a digestive sleeping interval and eat the remainders. A further sleep is required to assist in savouring the pleasure of the wonderful food.

“Mrs. Human, where were you? You were at the hairdresser? I have written my daily feline prompt, you do not have to rush. And my bowl of tuna fish is empty. Time for a refill.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Juicy Felines

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Juicy Felines

    • Meow Dusty
      Tuna fish is my favourite subject. I am thinking about writing a book “The benefits of tuna fish”.I get it all, juice and the meat, I just leave the empty tin for Mrs. Human – after all they also have to have a reward now and again. She does not even lick it clean but throws it away – typical ungrateful human.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  1. Dude I have my owner trained! They do not give me the tuna, and I only get 1 can of the good stuff on Sunday’s. However, at times my stupid humans give me tuna juice when they eat tuna fish. They pour all the juice over my dry food which makes it a great treat but I try to consume all the juice straight into my veins. They think I am a vulture when I start licking but they will never understand. Now you got me hungry and my human isn’t having tuna. Have fun today causing havoc just like I am doing between naps -Ruby

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    • Humans never understand felines, that is why the training programme is so intensive. At the beginning I also only got tuna on Sunday, but now I get it in between. I usually hover in the background and give the humans a hiss and scratch now and again to keep them awake to attend to my needs.

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      • You know you are the only one that can wake me from my nap. I wanted to say though my cute act is great and I can get my owners to feel guilty at anytime. Also, it helps if you just lie down in front of them and not give in until you get what you want. Boy does it get them so bad. -Ruby


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