Daily Feline Prompt: Untranslateable Meow


Meow oo wow
Means let me come in
Meow iii wow
I am feeling very thin

is longing for a dish
says fill it with fish

I will count up to four
Meow, with a paw scratch
means open the door

It is all very easy
It is written in scratch
A human can learn it
But will be a tough match

And now for advanced
Hiss, meow and  hiss
Hurry with food
I do not want to miss

Lessons in meow
are given online
Just tune in the computer
and write on the line

You do not need a keyboard
If you sharpen your claws
Humans have fingers
But can use them as saws

If hieroglyphic
were our first written speech
It cannot be difficult
For a human to teach

Mrs. Human learned it
she was a good match
if her learning was slow
I gave her a scratch

Daily Feline Prompt: Untranslateable Meow”