Daily Feline Prompt: Blurry Feline


“Tabby, what are you waiting for?”

“You are eating, so what about me?”

“But you have a bowl full of wonderful vitamin pellets, they are so good for you.”

“Of course, Mrs. Human, but you do not eat the same thing every day.”

“No, Tabby, we like to have variety in the food we eat.”

“And so do felines. What are you eating now?”

“I am making myself and Mr. Human some ham and cheese with salad.”

“I am not equipped to digest salad, but my digestive system is definitely organised for ham. I am not sure about the cheese stuff. I know, you can give me some ham and perhaps a little cheese to try.”

“What about your vitamin pellets?”

“Forget it, I need something unhealthy, completely different.”

“OK, here is a piece of ham.”


“I put it down where you are sitting.”

“I cannot see it, must be a very small piece.”

“It is large enough to see, it is in front of your nose.”


“Tabby, you see a mouse on the other side of the field, you see birds in the trees and you can even catch a fly. Now you have ham in front of your mouth.”

“It is something like the opposable thumbs Mrs. Human. We do not have them, and our eyes can see for miles on a dark night, because we do not see dark. We adjust and everything is perfect. We do not need eye glasses.”

“So what about adjusting to seeing the ham in front of your nose.”

“Now that is complicated. That is an advanced learning curve. I have to sniff. Just a moment, yes I have found the ham.”

“You mean you are short sighted?”

“Of course I am not short sighted, I am feline sighted and I have my nose to compensate. Your ham on the floor in front of my eyes is a pink blur, but the ham in front of my nose is perfect in smell. As the wise feline Enoch Whiskers Powell said “If my ham sails from sight, it doesn’t mean the ham is not there, it simply means that the river bends towards the nose”.”

“Yes Tabby, very wise, although perhaps I should organise a visit to the vet just to be sure.”

“And you think I will voluntarily let him test my eyes – does he have a “meow” card to read.”

“No, I do not think so.”

“Then forget Mrs. Human, as long as I can find my healthy, wonderful good-for-you vitamin pellets, I will not suffer.”

“Yes, Tabby, very wise.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Blurry Feline

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Blurry Feline

      • My horse has his best sight to the side: all the better to see the lion or cougar coming up on the herd. But for both horses and cats smell is important for survival and for finding morsels of ham!


    • Mr. Human always gives me something, but when the big human meal begins I return, because Mrs. Human does not realise this. Then a human conversation begins that I should not be given more ham, but eventually Mrs. Human cannot resist my pleading eyes and I get my second portion. And Mr. Human even gives me more. Humans are very easy to persuade, just a pleading look from the eyes and they feel sorry for us felines.


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