Daily Feline Prompt: Glittering Felines


“Mrs. Human, do my eyes reflect light with a brilliant sparkling luster.”

“I suppose so, never really thought about it.”

“What am I here, just a feline to make the place look good? I put effort into my appearance, and you ignore me completely.”

“Stop sulking Tabby, after all you ignore me as well.”

“That is something different Mrs. Human, you are a human, an object to serve my wishes. I am feline, the ex-god, which one day will return. I have to ensure that the glitter does not leave me. Where I walk, lotus flowers spring from the ground. And I only ignore you when I do not need your services to obey my commands.”

“Yes, Tabby, of course, my day would not be complete without fulfilling your feline wishes. I have never seen those lotus flowers, it seems to be a feline thing. ”

“Another human imperfection, they are only for feline eyes. All you see is a feline that sleeps and washes, but if you really concentrate on my appearance, you will see so much more. My eyes have a wonderful glittering effect, I am so perfect, I cannot help it, I dazzle people with my beauty.”

“Well you do not dazzle me when I have to empty your recycling tray, or clean your food bowl.”

“Mrs. Human this conversation is far beyond your comprehension. Just pass me the mirror so that I can admire my glittering appearance.”

“Tabby, sorry, but the only time you glitter is when it rains and you get wet.”

“Forget it, how unromantic can one get. I am taking a sleep. You may serve my dinner in an hour, and remember, we felines also eat with the eye, so you could make an effort to arrange my food  in the bowl and not just put it in a pile, and spread some glitter around the bowl.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Glittering Felines