Daily Feline Prompt: Rhythmic Feline


“One, two, three, paw”

“What are you doing Tabby?”

“I am measuring the size of my territory. It’s shrinking Mrs. Human.”

“That is not possible Tabby.”

“But  there are less leaves on the bushes than last year. Someone is stealing them.”

“Tabby that is because the leaves fall from the bushes in Autumn and have not yet regrown.”

“No, Mrs. Human, You have got that wrong. The leaves are soldiers defending my territory but they are cowardly leaves. They fall from the bushes in Autumn and do not return. I try to stop them by pouncing, but it seems they escape.”

“Of course they will return Tabby, they will regrow.”

“You mean there will still be enough leaf soldiers to guard my territory this year. Perhaps I should not kill so many in Autumn when they attack.”

“They do not attack Tabby, it is natural that the leaves die in Autumn to be replaced in Spring by new leaves.”

“You mean they re-incarnate.I believe in reincarnation, and I believe I’ve lived quite a few lives, already at least four, another five to go.”

“Yes Tabby, and you have braved many battles with the leaf soldiers.”

“But they do not die, I kill them when they retreat. Perhaps I should let them live. They would then remain and there would be no need for re-inforcements.”

“That is nature Tabby, the leaves die and new leaves appear.*

“You mean all the fighting and defence organisation was for nothing in Autumn. They always return. And what about my territory?”

“What about your territory?”

“It is smaller, shrunk, bare – I have no leaf soldiers to fight for my rights.”

“Don’t worry Tabby, you have me and Mr. Human to look after you.”

“Yes that is true, perhaps you could begin your feline care programme by serving a dish of tuna fish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Rhythmic Feline”

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Rhythmic Feline

  1. What about the long-haired tabby who always brought home half a rabbit or even a roadrunner? What was her territory? ❤ Our lovely little lady was half the size of either one of those prey, but she prevailed. She even chased the neighbor's dog, who was "dogging" the postman. He offered money for our Tabby, but she was priceless.

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    • Switzerland is a small country, so we have small animals. Something bigger than a mouse or bird is not available for the daily feline diat. We have foxes, but they prefer to hover nearer to the chickens. I don’t think our Tabby would know which end to begin with on a rabbit.

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  2. First, the picture is beyond adorable! As a cat lover and “meowmy” this really resonated with me, so catlike! The are always so curious and sure of everything and insistant.Great response to the Prompt.

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    • This was a picture in a million, because Tabby usually looks in the other direction when she sees I have the camera. This time she was waiting for me to open the window, so I said first a photo and afterwards an opern window and it worked.

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      • Aww! How perfect,my little one is a little bit of a model, she isn’t at all bothered by my camera( I have taken thousands of pictures of her in her lifetime) but occasionally there is one that is just perfection and it is the greatest feeling. Tabby is beautiful !


  3. Dear Tabby, I would like to tell you about something I learned recently. There are these things called “plants” and they aren’t like us at all. They don’t move around; they stay in the ground, and some of them have these leaf things and others have flower things and some have both. I find this absolutely bizarre that a creature would live within my territory and would not even TRY to defend it with me. But my human says the lilac hedge helps protect us from the wind. I don’t know how it does that when it just SITS there. My little sister examined the OTHER side of this hedge and she says it’s the same on both sides so how does this work? I’m telling you; life is mysterious. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      There are plants and plants. Some are out to get us especially in Autumn. Then I have to chase the leaves and collect them. If they still rise up against my authority I pounce on them and kill them, but they return. There are also the plants that mean well with us, but Mrs. Human no longer puts it in the garden, because she said it never has a chance to grow. It is called catnip and I can tell you that is the plant of all plants. You can roll in it, sniff it, bury your nose in it and you get the most wonderful feeling all over your body and whiskers. Mrs. Human says it is not good, because all the felines living here arrive in our garden and they roll about in it so much, they squash the plant and it cannot survive. She also said something about my eyes rolling and that I get high on it. Have not worked that one out yet, but you really get a good feeling.
      I am always exploring the other side of our hedges, but it looks the same as our side, so I decided to stay where the grass and tuna fish is.
      Tabby T. Cat

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