Daily Feline Prompt: An Arid Feline?


“Mrs. Human, how would you feel when I appeared in your shower and took photos and afterwards distributed them for everyone of your followers to see in the blogging world.”

“I would be very annoyed Tabby, there are certain things that are private.”

“But taking photos of me in an intimate pose, when I am having a head to paw wash is allowed?”

“That is something different. You are not naked, you have fur.”

“Of course I am not naked, my fur is part of my natural covering. I have not yet discovered the zip to remove it when I am feeling hot in summer. But the effect is the same. I am in a very embarrassing situation when you show the photos of a paw wash. Look, you can even see my tongue on this photo – insulting.”

“But Tabby, that is a perfect action photo. I had to take at least 5 photos until I got the perfect picture.”

“And what are you doing with the other photos? Probably showing them on Pawbook and everyoe will be laughing at me behind their paw. There are moments in a feline life, when privacy is necessary. The Feline prophet Billy Whiskers eternal Paws Graham said “Once you’ve lost your licking wash privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing”.”

“Now do not exaggerate Tabby, you wash yourself at least five times a day.”

“So that makes no difference? We are clean felines in the fur and the paws. Humans only bother once a day, perhaps twice if they have something special to do. Anyhow I am now feeling quite arid, so fill up my bowl with fresh water.”

“Arid, that is a nice word.”

“I wanted to say thirsty, after all that licking, but I have to slip in the daily feline prompt word somewhere. So lead me to my bowl of fresh spring water.”

“No problem, Tabby, but it is from the tap.”

“Shaken, not stirred.”

“Yes Tabby, as always.”

Daily Feline Prompt: An Arid Feline?”