Daily Feline Prompt: The feline quickens


“Tabby you are speeding through the home like a  racing car.”

“It is time for my spring training. Nature is quickening, the mice are stirring and the birds are gathering new strength and energy. I have to keep up with it all. So, out of my way Mrs. Human, you are standing in the centre of my training lane. I have to have a clear path to be able to exercise all my muscles and whiskers. You know what they say “you snooze, you lose” and I must remain fit.”

“Yes, Tabby, but don’t you think you might be overdoing it a little. No, Tabby, not over my feet.”

“It is not my problem if your feet are in the wrong place at the wrong time and I can train my jumping abilities. The feline Olympics always take place in spring and I have to collect my prizes.”


“Yes, a sleeping lazy feline will never win anything. Last year I only found 10 mice and they all got away, because they were faster than me. Perhaps I could try some press ups, and aftewards a few rolls on my back. Of course I must have the corret food to build up my muscles.”

“I can help you there Tabby. Look a nice dish of viatmin pallets. They are full of goodness, and protein.”

“Protein? Is that a new breed of mouse. Do they move fast?”

“No Tabby, protein is part of the vitamines contained in those wonderful pellets.”

“Does tuna fish also have protein?”

“Yes, but it is not so much.”

“No point in rushing things Mrs. Human, I do not want to overdo it. You know what they say “slowly and surely wins the race”. I think I will stay with tuna fish. Vitamin pellets would be too much at the moment. So out of the way, and time me with that phone thing.”

“Ok, Tabby, 1 mnute from the beginning to the end of the corridor.”

“Oh, I sill have to train more, and bring it down to half the time. Those mice do not wait for me. I do not want to be the joke of the mouse holes.”

“Of course Tabby, perhaps it might help if you eat less. You have put on some weight during the Winter.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, my speed training will help with weight loss. Out of the way, I am coming.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The feline quickens

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The feline quickens

  1. Dear Tabby, My human will be sending you a first class ticket to come and live here and help with our mouse problem. Wait, she says she won’t. How am I supposed to know what she means when she says, “I should send Tabby a first class ticket to come here and help with our mouse problem”? Canines do not deal in hypotheticals. Do felines? Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      We deal in anynthing that brings profit, and if you can eat it. Using the word “should” is typical human. They never want to commit themselves, she should, but probably will not. As soon as I have finished building my beamer, I will come and visit you. I am having a problem working out the quadratic roots of simulating the exchange of the transforming cells, but am getting there. In the meanwhile I would recommend my “How to catch mice” manual, available for 2 tins of tuna fish. See you one day, but the way my wuff is not so good, can canines also speak by telepathy, it would make it easier to commuicate.
      Tabby T. Cat

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      • Hi Tabby — Martha here. Dusty has probably sent you his telepathic response by now, but in case he hasn’t (he’s asleep but maybe actually sending messages) yes. Canines have great telepathic abilities. Hope to see you soon. Your pal, Martha

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          • Yeah, he likes you a lot, Tabby. Sometimes he sees a cat out in the alley hunting and asks, “Is that Tabby?” I have to tell him no. We do have a pretty yellow tiger cat with an M on his head. Sorry my telepathy is not so good. Yr. Pal, Martha

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            • Meow Martha
              A yellow tiger cat with an “M”. That is a descendent from the American part of the family. They had problems with Bastet and had their own beliefs, so decided to emigrate as they were being persecuted. They are still waiting for someone to write a book about their family and their feline beliefs. Perhaps ??? ….. No, forget it, although it might be an idea.
              Tabby T. Cat

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