Daily Feline Prompt: The Shadow of a Feline Doubt


“Mrs. Human, have you seen my catnip mouse?”

“You mean that old grubby torn mouse? You havn’t played with that for a long while and I was sure you no longer wanted it. I threw it into the garbage can.”

“Did what? That is my raison d’être Mrs. Human, without that there is no purpose in my feline life. It is not a plaything but a necessity. I am lost and bewildered.”

“But Tabby that was really grubby and smelly and I was sure the catnip had lost its strength.”

“And so you throw it away without any consideration for my feelings. How would you like it if I threw away your iPad.”

“No Tabby, that is a necessity, I need it.”

“Aha, and my catnip stuffed mouse is not a necessity. You have bought a new iPad so you can throw the old one away. You don’t neeed two.”

“That is not the same. A catnip stuffed mouse is a feline toy to play with. My iPad is a necessity.”

“I only had one catnip mouse and you have two iPads, that it not fair. I want a catnip suffed mouse to brighten up my feline existence.”

“I very much doubt that a catnip mouse would have that effect.”

“You have no idea Mrs. Human. My catnip mouse and I have always been there for each other. We had some tough times, but it was always there for me.”

“So is my iPad Tabby. When I am bored, I can play a game on my iPad, even read the newspaper.”

“And when I am bored I can hug my catnip mouse, inhale its beneficial aroma, and get high.”

“But you havn’t hugged or absorbed your catnip mouse for a long while. I thought you no longer needed it.”

“I decided to go cold turkey-mouse, and get out of the habit, but to no avail, the power of the catnip was stronger.”

“You were on withdrawal?  Ok, stop moaning Tabby, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and buy you a new catnip mouse.”

“You doubt my reason? Typical human, no trust. Buy two catnip mice in case I lose one or forget where it is, and get  double strength. Make sure that the “best before” date has not expired. And I am not moaning, just saying as it is.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Shadow of a Feline Doubt