Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Desires


I desire to be pampered, to have my ears scratched
A tickle on the tummy, to ensure that it is matched
A bowl full of tuna fish, is my desire for a feast
These things are my rewards, I am a grateful beast

I love to sleep for hours in a cushion oh so soft
It is my just reward, I am not being aloft
We felines were worshipped as gods, it was our natural way
A reward for our natural talents, we would never lead astray

So treat your feline with honour, and spoil her all the time
We will reward with meows and our purrs they will be fine
If you desire a feline that will follow to the end
Never give her vitamin pellets, that will drive her round the bend

A happy, satisfied feline must have her wishes fulfilled
She will reward you with hairballs and a mouse that she has killed
This does not make you happy? It makes you very cross
The feline does not care, because she is the boss.

Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Desires