Daily Feline Prompt: Vivid Felines

Tabby 05.03 (4)

“How do I look Mrs. Human.”

“Quite good Tabby, a very good pose for your photo.”

“But the whole photo is dull, and boring. It could be improved upon.”

“It is because the light effects are not so good. Perhaps you should come into the living room where there are windows and leave the bathroom.”

“But I like sitting in the bathroom.”

“No problem, but do not expect the photos to be so good.”

“I have the solution Mrs. Human. You have a room where you just store stuff. Change it into a photo studio – for me.”

“A photo studio.?”

“Of course. You could fit up spotlights to illuminate my whiskers and reflect the depth of my eyes. It would enhance my already vividĀ appearance.”

“No Tabby, that would be too expensive.”

“We are talking about me, Mrs. Human, the most important thing here and so money is no object.”

“No Tabby, it does not come into the question. I had enough when you ordered the diamond studied cat flap on your pawpad with my credit card. I had to return it and pay the costs for the postal charges. None of your feline friends are as spoilt as you are.”

“I do not have feline friends, felines do not have friends, we have only rivals. It is always an advantage to be a whisker ahead of the other felines. It brings respect and admiration.”

“And perhaps jealousy as well Tabby?”

“Jealousy does not exist in meow Mrs. Human, we fight it out amongst ourselves and the best always wins, or the one that can run the fastest.”

“And which one are you Tabby?”

“I am always the first throught the cat flap. So do not change the subject, I want my own photo studio.”

“You already have a photo studio Tabby.”


“It is called a camera and this time I am in charge. I take the photos. All I need is a co-operative feline that looks into the camera and smiles.”

“I will think about it. In the meanwhile perhaps just one spotlight to illuminate my vivid features.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Vivid Felines