Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Swarm Protection


“There you are Tabby, in the bathroom. I thought you would be outside taking a healthy walk.”

“No Mrs. Human, I am too tired. I am relaxing my paws, and what is with this health stuff? You feed me vitamin pellets because they are supposed to be healthy, and now I have to take a walk in the rain. I am now tanking energy with a well deserved sleep. I have had a very strenuous day and now must relax.”

“But you were sitting in front of the window all morning, that was not very strenous.”

“Of course it was, how can a human imagine the exhaustion of a feline when we have to observe the swarms of activity in the garden.”

“I do not see any activity Tabby, the garden is empty and it is raining.”

“Humans are so superficial, there is movement everywhere in the garden. Look you can see them everywhere, hundreds of them swarming to attack, but I will protect you from them.”

“I cannot see anything.”

“Of course not, the abilitiy of a human to see is only what happens in front of the eyes. We felines have a deeper vision, we can see it all happening in the depths. Look, there goes a few hunred, they are swarming out, but do not worry Mrs. Human I will protect you. They are hiding in betwen the stones, under the leaves and are insatiable. They absorb everything and go everywhere. It is the green ones you have to be careful of.”

“Why are they dangerous?”

“They are all dangerous Mrs. Human, but the green ones are camouflaged and not always easy to see. There they go, thank goodness the greens and the browns are now fighting for their territory, in the process of the elimination of the species.”

“You mean we are safe now.”

“Not quite, reinforcements are coming. It will be a fight until the leaf soldiers arrive later in the year.”

“I did not realise there was so much acrion in the garden.”

“Of course there is. I do not sit in front of this window all morning just for the pleasure of it. I am constantly observing the developments of the various swarms in the garden. I now have to spend a few hours to recover before the next battle commences.”

“And I thought you were just a lazy feline that sleeps most of the day. I did not realise you had so much stress. I can be glad that you are so considerate and helpful in protecting everything.”

“Don’t mention it Mrs. Human, I will do anything to assist, as you know. So what about something to eat as a reward.”

“Of course Tabby, something healthy?”

“No, something tasty – like tuna fish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Swarm Protection