Daily Feline Prompt: A nervous feline?

Tabby 08.03 (4)

There is a moment of suspense
A movement in the grass
I see a mouse approaching
But alas, alas

It has moved to its hole
Perhaps there might be more
I will wait and see
and feel it with my paw

This is a very tough task
I remain quiet and calm
My nerves are being tested
But I will catch one in my palm

I can feel a movement
And hear many squeaks
“Tabby what are you doing?”
Mrs. Human  speaks.

“I have found some mice
There are many, it is a nest”
“Leave them alone Tabby
They have babies, you are not their guest.”

“But Mrs. Human, there are many
And mice are my wish
You could also save some money
I do not need tuna fish.”

“No Tabby, that is not good
leave the mouse family where they are
They are not food for you
It is not a cat’s bazaar.”

“And so I must go hungry
I will have nothing more to eat”
“Leave the mice where they are
I will give you tuna meat.”

There is a moral to this tail,
Humans are often lead astray
I do not want to eat mouse
All I want to do is play.

Mrs. Human thinks it not good
because I would kill a mouse
But I will leave the mice alone
She will serve tuna fish in the house.

Daily Feline Prompt: A nervous feline?