Daily Feline Prompt: A nervous feline?

Tabby 08.03 (4)

There is a moment of suspense
A movement in the grass
I see a mouse approaching
But alas, alas

It has moved to its hole
Perhaps there might be more
I will wait and see
and feel it with my paw

This is a very tough task
I remain quiet and calm
My nerves are being tested
But I will catch one in my palm

I can feel a movement
And hear many squeaks
“Tabby what are you doing?”
Mrs. Human  speaks.

“I have found some mice
There are many, it is a nest”
“Leave them alone Tabby
They have babies, you are not their guest.”

“But Mrs. Human, there are many
And mice are my wish
You could also save some money
I do not need tuna fish.”

“No Tabby, that is not good
leave the mouse family where they are
They are not food for you
It is not a cat’s bazaar.”

“And so I must go hungry
I will have nothing more to eat”
“Leave the mice where they are
I will give you tuna meat.”

There is a moral to this tail,
Humans are often lead astray
I do not want to eat mouse
All I want to do is play.

Mrs. Human thinks it not good
because I would kill a mouse
But I will leave the mice alone
She will serve tuna fish in the house.

Daily Feline Prompt: A nervous feline?

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: A nervous feline?

  1. Mice are for hunting
    As prey they’re the best
    You are so lucky
    To have found a nest.

    My human would scream
    Bear and I would be alert
    Both of us hoping
    A mouse for dessert

    But we never catch them
    Though we try hard
    And the mice are all safe
    If they stay in the yard.

    Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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