Daily Feline Prompt: A Feline Nuance

Tabby 08.03 (2)

“Tabby, come here, I think one of your eyes is chaging colour.”

“Of course it isn’t Mrs. Human, I would be the first one to notice.”

“But look Tabby, the left eye is green in the middle.”

“That can happen, just a feline nuance, you know we were once worshipped as gods and there is always a remainder of those days. When did you take that photo?”

“That was in a series of photos yesterday.”

“Oh yes, I remember, I was transcending at the time and became the super eye.”

“You were transcending?”

“Yes, and it often happens that my eyes change colour in the process. I was attaining a higher form of feline perception.¬†Felines¬†do not need a special place to meditate. You can transcend anywhere in the world. The unified field is here, and there, and everywhere. You caught that moment in a photo Mrs. Human, a moment in feline time. I will make a recommendation for it to be featured on the front page of “How to recognise the true values of felines?” as this photo shows our genuine gifts.

“And I tbought it was just a figment of light that caught the reflection in your eye.”

“Mrs. Human, do not think too much, it causes problems and will overtax you human brain. The colour change in my eye has a deeper meaning, beyond the comprehension of a simple human brain. And now I have to go, I have an important appointment with Bastet, our chief, in connection with developing my gifts of telepathy.”

“You can read thoughts?”

“Only human thoughts Mrs. Human, but that is enough. You are now thinking about filling my dish with vitamin pellets, forget it. Today is a bad day for vitamin pellets. Change it to tuna fish and we have a basis for a fruitful discussion.”

“Tabby, where are you. It seems she had disappeared in a puff of green smoke, but I am sure she will return. I happens now and again. In the meanwhile I will prepare a dish of tuna fish to put her in a good mood when she returns.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Feline Nuance