Daily Feline Prompt: Non-abstract Feline

Tabby 10.03 (3)

“Mmmmm, that is good Mrs. Human. At last the sun is shining and I can have a nice roll on the ground, although it is not a real roll on the ground of course, just a feeling that I feel in my whiskers, not an abstract feeling, but genuine. We felines do not do abstracts Mrs. Human, we have all four paws on the ground.”

“Yes Tabby I noticed. If you are hungry you eat, and if you have an itch somewhere, you scratch not caring who is looking on.”

“That is the feline way of life. Humans are so complicated. They go to bathrooms and things like that for a wash. Even the recycling operation takes place behind closed doors. Strange creatures humans.”

“But we have opposable thumbs.”

“Yes, I must admit, now and again you are useful. But we do not need soap and water, we can have a good lick and are clean.”

“Our tongues are not made for washing Tabby.”

“You see, we are always one paw ahead in our natural development. Can you turn in three circles and sink on your back legs and sleep Mrs. Human.”

“No, we sleep in long beds.”

“Another strange development – you humans can be very abstract.”

“Do you know what that means Tabby?”

“Not really, it does not exist in meow.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Non-abstract feline