Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Murmuration

Tabby 12.03.2017

“Did you say something Tabby?”


“Was that a purr or a meow?”

“It was something in between. I wanted to purr, ¬†because I was dreaming of floating on a cloud of soft cushions, stuffed with catnip and I was on the way to achieving a stoned state of being. And then my cloud collapsed and I made a crash landing because a human decided to disturb my sleep with a stupid question.”

“Sorry Tabby, but I saw your ear twitching and thought you were awake.”

“Do not think too much Mrs. Human, it overtaxes your inferior brain power. I was just resting my eyes Mrs. Human. No feline sleeps 100%, we must be ready at all times for the unexpected, but I would emphasise, not for answering silly human questions. How would you like it if you were resting your eyes and I asked you a silly question like “are you asleep”.”

“Yes it would be a silly question.”

“And your question whether it was a “purr” or ¬†“murr” was not less silly. Purring is reserved for those moments of relaxation, having a full bowl of tuna fish and laying in a field of lotus blossoms. Trying to relax on a chair does not qualify for a purr, because you never know if you will be disturbed by a human who has nothing better to do than ask silly questions and so a murr was necessary.”

“OK, Tabby, I will leave you to your sleep.”

“Too late, you have ruined my transcendential dreamweaving time. Our great feline writer Paws Hemingway meowed “I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake” and these are wise words. Now I am awake and already have the urge to scratch behind my ear, meaning I will have to raise my back leg. If you had let me sleep, I could have remained in a circular position and not have to indulge in such exercises. My life is gradually falling apart and I am now beyond help. ”

“Even if I serve a bowl of tuna fish.”

“OK, no problem.”

“I thought you was tired.”

“I was, but I cannot sleep all day can I? A feline must do what it has to do, regardless of inconvenience. Lead me to the tuna fish human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Murmuration