Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Paw Immersion

Tabby 13.09 (3)

There are some things that humans do not understand. I have written many times that water is not just water, but has it flavours and tastes. Water has to be approached with thought, with considertion. Some animals see water and pounce with no real feeling. I am reminded of my canine friends, who find that water is just for drinking, no insult meant of course, it just happens to be cats first. Of course, this is the main purpose, but wine is also for drinking. You do not pounce on a glass full of wine an empty the glass in a few seconds. You take a sip, let it soak into the taste buds and absorb it with the tongue. Afterwards you swallow it, allowing the water to be absorbed . It is to be considere as a living thing.

As you can see in the photo, this is how to paw your water. First of all dip the paw into the water to test if it has the right termperature: too cold or too warm does not allow it to be absorbed and savoured to the last tantilising drop. The paw tells you everying, but only the right front paw. This paw has been especially developed for this purpose. Of couse there are felines that might be southpaws, and use the left paw.

And do not be diverted by your human if she finds that the water you are drinking may not be pure. Who are humans to recognise the purity of water. Their water is processed, comes from a tap, and has lost its flavour. No, do not be discouraged as I was last week.  I discovered a source of the most delicious drop I had ever found. It had definitely been maturing for at least 2-3 months and had reached the perfection in taste. So what do you do? You drink it of course, even if it is combined with difficulties. There I was enjoying every lap of the tongue and then I heard the thunderous voice of Mrs. Human. “Tabby what are you doing, that water is not clean.”

How can a mere human judge what is acceptable to the delicate taste of a feline. I ignored her and we had a slight misunderstanding. Luckily tis exquisite source of refreshment is still there, and now and again I take a few tongue fulls as a refreshment.

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Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Paw Immersion