Daily Feline Prompt: Massive Feline

Tabby 15.03 (1)

“Mrs. Human, you will have to deal with my daily prompt on your own today.”

“But Tabby, I do not have the time.”

“Yes, well neither do I, I have a massive overload of work and have to go places and deal with things.”

“Seems to me it cannot be so urgent, you have been sleeping for the past five hours.”

“Of course, I have to gather my strength before dealing with all the urgent matters. I must rest, eat, drink and again rest to digest it all. Now I am ready to go. I will be back in an hour or two, or three. Just make sure my tuna fish does not dry out in the meanwhile. Perhaps when you see me coming, you can get ready to serve it so that it is fresh.”

“And how should I see you coming?”

“Mrs. Human you will be looking out every five minutes I hope to prepare for my arrival.”

“As if I have nothing better to do. Where are you going that it is so important.”

“Basically it is none of your human business, but if you must know it is the time of the year.”

“Time of the year?”

“What is the magpie doing in the tree opposite.”

Magpie and nest 16.03 (4)

“I think she is building a nest, to get prepared for the baby birds when they hatch.”

“Yes, of course, and I will be there to help celebrate the occasion and perhaps help them to find their wings. They tend to fall out of the nest when they are fresh.”

“And you will help them back – I don’t think so Tabby, and stop licking your lips. They are not feline food, they will be the future mapies in the area and we look after our wild life.”

“So true Mrs. Human, in that case I will visit the mice. They are so busy preparing their nests for their children and I will wait, attentively, with my paw in front of the entrance in case one of the new arrivals wants to explore the world.”

“Tabby, forget it. I am sure the little mice would love to explore the world, but that does not mean your paws and teeth.”

“Mrs. Human you have now disallusioned me. I was so looking forward to a walk in the fresh air and welcoming the new arrivals in my territory and now you have taken away my interest.”

“So you will not be going for a walk.”

“No definitely not. You can serve the tuna fish now and afterwards I will take an after dinner digestive sleep. If you happen to see a little bird falling out of its nest, do not hesitate to wake me, I would be glad to help it find its way back.”

“Yes Tabby, I am sure you will.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Massive Feline