Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Controversy


It is raining outside and I want to go places and see things. If I go out my paws will be wet and the water will be falling downwards. I will have to think about it. It is a bit problem in a feline life to choose the right time to do the right thing. I don’t mind the rain, as long as I can shelter somewhere where I will not get wet or if it stays on the ground where it belongs. I then have the possibility to taste its fine flavours. Perhaps I could retire to the porch on a chair, but the chair is not as comfortable as a bed, or a cushion, or even the chair where I am now resting.  Oh the problems of a feline life and the decisions we have to make.

Perhaps I could have something to eat, but at the moment it is only the iron reserve. The hard flavourless vitamin pellets that Mrs. Human tells me are good for me. Mrs. Human is too lazy to open a tin of tuna fish it seems. How can a human know what is good for me. They only eat meat that has been cooked. They do not realise the delights of fresh bird or mouse, uncooked and with its natural flavours. Humans are funny animals. They do not smell the food before eating, but just insert it in their mouth, chew it and swallow it, no delights of flavour absorption. They have noses but it seems for other purposes, although I have not yet discovered what purposes. Although Mrs. Human might empty my recycling tray after I have left my mark there, and complains that something is smelling. Perhaps their noses are consructed differently to ours. I never smell anything in my tray.

If the feline next door takes a walk through my territory I smell it immediately. There is a smell in the air that is not welcome, an invasive smell. I am sure the feline does it on purpose just to annoy me.

I just had a look out of the window, it is still raining. I have no choice, three circles on the chair anticlockwise and sink into oblivion. Perhaps it will have stopped raining when I am awake. If not, I will have to add a few hours more onto my sleep. Oh, the controversial problems of a feline.

Daily Prompt: Feline Controversy

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Controversy

  1. My dogs can and do sleep EVERYWHERE. Gibbs is sleeping on the table where I normally keep my computer. Why there? There’s a big sofa right next to it. And Bonnie is sleeping on the floors.

    Our pets do NOT get insomnia. How I envy that.


  2. This sounds rough, Tabby. Maybe Mrs Human can do something about the rain. And we really think you need to put your paw about the vitamin pellets she gives you. Enough already! Good luck, Tabby. Teemu and Parker.

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    • Yes, I am falling on bad times. Mrs. Human just does not understand the problems of a poor defenceless feline who is a victim of her whims and ideas. I will have to intensify my training. Perhaps I could begin by marking the vitamin pellets. Of course she can do something about the rain, but she does not want to. She just allows it to rain.

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  3. Dear Tabby, I wish you were here because it’s like summer. We could all go for a long walk by the river. I’m sure you’d find lots of mice there. Bear does. I know you don’t go for walks as we canines do. Just a dream. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog


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