Daily Feline Prompt: Tabby the Conquerer


I conquered them all, the short and the tall
I am brave to the last, I have a real blast
It was danger all the way, but I decided to stay
It wanted to pounce, so I gave it a bounce
There is no way I will lose,  I will scare it with mews
Just laying there await, is it a new bait?
Mrs. Human is my staff, but she stands there with a laugh
I will win this little number, after all it is just a cucumber.

Daily Feline Prompt: Tabby the Conquerer

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Tabby the Conquerer

  1. Dear Tabby,

    I don’t know what
    A cucumber is
    I’m just a dog
    Not a great Wiz(ard).

    My human says
    It’s a green veggie
    That’s good for dogs
    As part of their regi(men).

    As for a cuke, I don’t think
    I’ve had one
    I like asparagus
    If it’s well done.

    I do know that veggies
    Can’t move on their own
    Why you’d conquer a cuke
    Remains to be known.

    Yours in catteral and doggerel forever and ever,
    Dusty T. Dog

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