Daily Feline Prompt: Minimal for the feline


“Tabby don’t you want your food.”

“Food, I do not see any food.”

“But your bowl is full of delicious healthy vitamin pellets, especially for felines to give them a nice shiny coat, to strenthen their claws and their teeth.”

“Mrs. Human that is the minimum from minimum. Are vitamin pellets on a special cheap offer at the moment that you are continuously buying 5 Kg bags of the stuff? Every time I finish one of the bags I think now the day has come when there will be no more hard tasteless apologies for food, but no, you go to the store and buy another bag. That is not what my ancestors were fed on, they had the real thing.”

“Sorry Tabby, but I cannot encourage mice to live with us, they would multiply and they are not a healthy thing to have in the home.”

“It would be ideal of course, my forefathers kept the mice in limits in the corn chambers in the old country. I am not asking for too much Mrs. Human, just a tin of tuna fish a day, perhaps some salmon now and again with a pinch of tarrogon to enhance the taste. Even perhaps a de-boned chicken leg or wing, but at least I recognise what I am eating. Vitamin pellets all look alike and are the same size. I need variation in my diet.”

“Oh, then perhaps I could buy a different flavoured vitamin pellets. I always by tuna flavoured beause I know you like tuna so much, but they also have chicken flavoured.”

“Mrs. Human I can assure you that whatever the flavour they all taste the same. You could really add some variation to my diat. Why not ask the butcher for some fresh meat. You could prepare it according to my taste. I am sure that a filet mignon aux chattes would be more tantalising to my taste buds.”

“But Tabby filet mignon is very expensive and you might not like it, I have never fed you on filet mignon.”

“Of course not, your imagination only runs to vitamin pellets. I saw a photo of a filet mignon on my Pawpad and it is just my sort of thing. I would like it cooked rare, nice and juicy inside with a slight crust on the outside. Perhaps some herb butter spiced with catnip would add to its advantage.”

“Tabby I would also like filet mignon, but it is a very expensive piece of  beef.”

“Then just buy a portion for me, if it is expensive, I am not inviting you to eat from my bowl, and make sure that you do not cook it too much, I like it in bite sized pieces. Mrs. Human where are you going, I have not finished. Humans are so ungrateful. Now I have given her a good suggestion for my daily food and she leaves me with a bowl of vitamin pellets and goes to the kitchen to prepare her own food. I am sure she will be cooking something from real meat – she never eats vitamin pellets.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Minimal for the feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Minimal for the feline

  1. today I was telling a friend about your cat Tabby and how she posts on the blog. We both laughed about Tabby’s attitude and what a great CAT she is. My friend has cats and recognizes all the behaviors of Tabby. Always enjoy reading these posts.

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