Daily Feline Prompt: Purple Feline


“Mrs. Human, going shopping today?”

“Yes, but you have everything. The cupboard is full of tuna fish tins and we have at least ten kilo of those wonderful vitamin packed pellets to give you shiny eyes and whiskers and no Tabby, I am not going to buy a food bowl with Versace design.”

“I have a better idea. I should have a new collar.”

“But the collar you have is pefect, or have you lost it.?”

“No Mrs. Human, it is still around my neck. It is the wrong collar. I should have a purple collar.”

“But purple is not as nice as the collar you are now wearing.”

“That is the point Mrs. Human. I am a feline in the long noble line of Tabby Cats, with the MacDonalds “M” on my forehead. My ancestors were treated and worshipped as gods in the old country, and all I have left are vitamin pellets to choke on and tin of tuna fish which I cannot open due to the missing opposable thumbs. I should have a symbol to show my importance and thus I would like a purple collar, being a royal colour.”

“I am not sure if they have them in the store, but they have some pretty pink collars with a fishbone design in violet.”

“Mrs. Human felines in direct descent to the royal family of Tabby do not wear collars with violet fishbones.”

“Then perhaps in red if I find one.”

“You do not get the point Mrs. Human. I must maintain my respect amongst the other felines. I cannot walk around with an ordinary average collar, I must have something special and none of that plastic stuff, it must be real leather or at least genuine amethysts.”

“But Tabby if one of the other felines sees you walking around with such a collar, they would be jealous and try to steal it. There would be a fight, with fur flying and hisses and only one feline can win.”

“In that case I will sleep over it. Felines can be so thoughtless and selfish.”

“Yes, I know Tabby, such true words.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Purple Feline