Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Territory

Front Garden

Please do not be disappointed. I know you were all looking forward to seeing yet another wonderful photo of me, the most perfect tabby feline that you have ever seen. However, there are sometimes things that have to be done, but be patient. I will add my daily photo when I have finished pawing this memorable feline blog.

Today it is all about my territory. Of course, this is only part of the territory. there would not be enough room to show it all, so I chose just a small example. Feline territory is not just territoriy, it is part of our being, an extra whisker, a 10th life. We choose our territory carefully and deal with any other felines that would claim it as theirs. In this case it is wise to choose a territory which has no visible owners, as that could lead to paw and claw fights combined with bitten ears. Mrs. Human told me this was her territory, so I immediately did some careful markings along the border, and since then she asks my permission to enter.

Yes, the first feline rule is mark your territory and regularly, but discretely. Its scent can only be defined by felines, humans are of the opinion that it all smells the same. This is not true. Mine has a definite lotus blossom perfume slightly bordering on ashes of roses, and a slight waft of Jasmine. Mrs. Human says I am overdoing it again, as feline marking liquid all smells the same. She has no idea.

When the territory is marked it is advisable to perhaps bury further recycled matter in regular disribution, just to keep the others out.

This is of course only for beginners. There is a lot more to it and I will continue with the second part for advanced territorial marking later. And here I am pictured against the background of another part of my territory. Note the size, it is vast, it is all for me.


Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Territory