Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Fortune


“You are a lucky feline Tabby?”

“Really Mrs. Human? Have they at last found my fortune in the old country. Have they discovered the pyramid where my royal ancestor was buried with the human she owned.”

“No, of course not Tabby, after all that was just a legend. The humans were in charge of everything. They organised the felines to kill the mice in the corn chambers.”

“Forget it, we were first, and afterwards the humans. Without us they would have died of starvation. The kings were buried with us and not the other way. So why am I lucky if there is no discovered inheritance.”

“Because you have a warm bed and regular meals.”

“Of course. Does regular meals include hard, tasteless vitamin pellets.”

“Of course they are healthy, and other felines have to eat what they find in the fields.”

“Mrs. Human, ask a feline in the field if she would rather eat a fresh mouse, or bird than eating vitamin pellets. I am sure I know what the answer would be.”

“But those felines have to hunt for their food.”

“Of course, it is all part of the enjoyment of a good tasty meal. The anticipation of a tasty piece of meat is all part of the kill.”

“But you have trained me to make sure you have a comfortable life.”

“Of course, but sometimes you can overdo it Mrs. Human. When the instructions say “constant supply of suitable food” it does not mean processed vitamin pellets with catchpenny flavours, but food prepared with interest in the development of a satisfied and healthy feline.”

“But vitamin pellets are healthy.”

“Then why is your food not in the form of vitamin pellets?”

“Because humans eat with the eye Tabby. The food must look interesting and have variety in its composition.”

“And we felines can just chomp on brown tastless pellets that all look the same. That is not logical.”

“Ok Tabby, I will serve your food with more decoration from now on. Look a nice plate of food garnished with a mixed salad as a side dish”

“Are you trying to be funny Mrs. Human? I cannot digest salad.”

“That is why I serve ┬ávitamin pellets to make sure you remain healthy.”

“Mrs. Human, once again this conversation is leading nowhere. Wake me up in a few hours to a meal of tuna fish and eat the vitamin pellets as a side dish to your meal.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fortune