Daily Feline Prompt: This Feline does not want later


“Mrs. Human, I am not in the mood to paw a blog, it is far too late. I have some beauty sleep to catch up on.”

“The challenge arrived later today Tabby.”

“That is not my problem. You cannot just push challenges around to suit yourself. The feline body is tuned to a certain routine and we make no allowances. I am now not in the mood. ”

“Stop sulking Tabby, the world does not end.”

“I am not sulking, but my timetable is now completely destroyed. Blogging time is before my evening meal not afterwards. How am I supposed to digest a bowl of tuna fish and afterwards blog. First comes blogging, then comes eating and afterwards sleeping. ”

“No problem Tabby, today is not tuna fish day.”

“Even worse. I now have to force hard vitamin pellets down and afterwards blog. I am sure that my ancestors in the old country, that were worshipped as the gods they were, did not have to put up with such inconvenience. We were respected and no human would dare to postpone such an important deadline. My inspiration has now gone, what is the title?”


“If I could laugh I would, but we felines are not equipped with laugh muscles. Is this a joke, or one of those human April Fool things? It is now too late for me to blog. By the way tomorrow is 2nd April.

“Yes, I know, why do you ask?”

“Mrs. Human tomorrow is the big day, my day, the best day of the year. It is my birthday, I will be 15 years old. Where is my new food bowl with the Versace design?”

“Tomorrow is your birthday Tabby, not today and they have sold out all the Versace food bowls. It seems that the last one was sold to a president in another country. He wanted one for his own food.”

“Typical, no thoughts for us felines. I always said cats first, and he probably said something else was first. And now for a sleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: This Feline does not want later

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: This Feline does not want later

  1. Dear Tabby, Not much new on the canine front. Our human went off with a human friend today and left us behind, no walk, nothing. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll have a good walk, so it is all right. Otherwise, Bear was happy this morning because some of her favorite thing, snow, fell, but it melted quickly which would have disappointed her, but she’s Bear and, as dogs, we’re pretty optimistic. I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and that I remember to send you birthday greetings. If not, Happy Birthday! Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      My human is changing things outside and I don’t like change. I always had a choice of five chairs to sleep on and now only two. She has also removed the nice big table where I could sit and observe my territory, I hate change.. Perhaps she is making room for my birthday gifts, although I heard her complaining about construction. I will have to keep an eye on the situation and perhaps plan an escape route. Thanks for the birthday greetings.
      Tabby T. Car

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